Where You Can Find Good Appetite suppressants Naturally?

If you want to supplement your weight loss efforts with appetite suppressants, then there are plenty of healthy foods that have good appetite suppressing characteristics that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. We are discussing below a brief list of foods that have been associated with many appetite suppressing features, and we are also providing you a brief explanation of all benefits that will come with their inclusion in your diet:

Pine nuts
Dark chocolate
Salad Celery
Whey protein

Apple is a widely popular fruit that has the highest level of pectin and is a good healthy diet. It’s a heteropolysaccharide that plays a crucial role in slowing down carbohydrates absorption, which means it takes much longer time to completely digest an apple which helps in keeping your appetite sustained and will prevent you from eating more food for long.

Oatmeal also possesses similar properties as an apple and is one of the best appetite suppressants. This is so because oatmeal has a large number of complex carbs, which takes much longer for your body to digest, hence making you feel fuller for much longer. Another benefit of oatmeal is that it can lower the ghrelin level within the stomach, which may otherwise prompt hunger response. Pine nuts also contain a large amount of pinolenic acid, which has been directly linked to weight loss in many recent studies.

Celery is probably more famous for the fact it takes much more calories to consume and digest it than it actually contains. A simple celery stick has eight calories and high water content meaning that eating it is actually an exercise in itself.

Salad is a good food choice provided you take care of the kind of dressing you pair it with. The salad itself is rich in fiber and so is a good appetite suppressant but if there are lots of high-fat dressings or sugars, you may not lose any weight.

You may be surprised to find that even dark chocolate can also act as a powerful appetite suppressant. This is mainly because it can lower the ghrelin levels. As we explained earlier, reduction in ghrelin level will definitely prevent hunger response, but you must avoid eating too much of dark chocolate as it may lead to weight gain.

Soups of vegetables have long been associated with good appetite suppression due to high water and nutrient content. This means that calories it takes to process and expel any soup are similar to the total calories that a soup contain so you are essentially not retaining any calories. This may not be a calorie deficit to the extent offered by celery, but it’s a nice choice for good calorie control.

You can also take whey protein as it is a supplement product rich in protein. Most people think that it is of interest only for bodybuilders but it is not so. Protein boosts muscle growth and muscle tissue needs a significant amount of calories to function properly than it takes to store fat or carbs.

Unless you are spending about eight hours a week in a gym doing powerful bodybuilding routines, you may not become a massively muscled person, this is specifically true for women who may lack necessary amount of testosterone needed to speedily build muscle quickly gain mass quickly.

In all cases, combine a good diet with right appetite suppressants, and you will see the results within days. Visit WeightLossHealthydiets.com for more tips and advice about losing weight.

Learn How the Best Appetite Suppressant Works-A Fact Based Investigation

According to a recent report by WHO, world obesity rates have doubled since 1983. 43 percent of adults (18 and above) are overweight and 17 percent are obese.

56 million kids (under 5) are overweight or obese in 2015.

All these stats are indeed alarming and researchers are now searching for a most viable solution.

All this research work has now led to the development of the best appetite suppressant pills. These smart pills can target various biological mechanisms in order to make a person lose weight or prevent any regain.

Here in this article, we well learn more about appetite suppressants and how they reduce your appetite and improve satiety.

Appetite is controlled by hypothalamus, a sensitive part of human brain. This part brings awareness of hunger and can even control metabolism.

Serotonin, a vital brain chemical which is also administered as antidepressant, affects hunger and also palatability of food.

Lack of proper food may lead to lowered blood sugar levels . For this reason, you may feel bit irritable when you âre hungry.

Many chemicals, such as endocannabinoids and opiods are released that make food intake a great moment.

Nucleus accumbens, the pleasure centre of the brain, is also involved in regulating food intake.

There are many internal cues, for instance some hormones generated in pancreas, intestines and fat tissue may send signal to the  hypothalamus in the brain to regulate and control hunger. We are listing a  few factors that may influence hunger:

Rise in blood sugar and insulin

Rise in palatability of food
Conditioned responses
Rise in gut hormones

Since many proteins  are involved in regulating appetite, current research is mainly focused on manipulating their activity to control appetite.

What are best appetite suppressant pills?

Most of the best appetite suppressant pills are approved by FDA. Some of these are herbal, while others are synthetic.

They can reduce appetite in three ways:

Stimulating a brain area that makes you feel satiated

• Blocking a brain area that makes you carve for more food and also increases your food intake

• Slows down gastric emptying which may make you feel full for a much longer time with much lesser food

The first appetite suppressant approved by FDA was amphetamine and that was way back in 1947. Further, eight appetite suppressants were approved for a short duration.

Side Effects

There’s no medication that comes without any side effects:

Some side effects caused due to best appetite suppressant pills are constipation, nausea, drowsiness, headaches, etc. but all approved appetite suppressant do not cause any serious side effect even when taken for a long term.

There are some herbal compounds that are said to possess appetite suppressing properties:

Garcinia cambogia

Camellia sinensis
Citrus aurantium
Caralluma fimbriata
Coleus forskohlii

Phaseolus vulgaris

Besides taking best appetite suppressant pills, you can also follow these tips to get lasting weight loss:

Eat smaller meals at frequent interval
Drink lots of water
Never skip your breakfast as it impacts your appetite throughout the day
Eat slowly to boost appetite
Have foods with dense volume but healthy like veggies and fruits

• Eat foods rich in healthy fats. Also include whole grains in your diet.


Different appetite suppressant pills work differently but help in inducing sustained weight loss. Many of them are even recommended for long term use.

When they are combined with low calorie diet and workouts, you can get amazing results.